What Color Contacts Should I Get?

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In recent years, with the popularization of the Internet and electronic devices, the number of myopia patients in my country has continued to rise, and they are getting younger and younger. In the new consumption era, people’s pursuit of individual beauty and self-expression has reached a peak. This performance is more vividly reflected in Generation Z, the main consumer group of beauty contact products. As a new type of makeup, beauty contact lenses are the psychological needs of more and more young consumers to express themselves and express fashion through wearing.


Contact lens (CL), also known as contact lens, is an optical lens directly attached to the tear layer on the surface of the human cornea for vision correction, treatment, and beauty.

It needs to be clear that contact lenses belong to Class III medical devices. After eye examination and optical optometry are carried out by professional optometrists, they are then matched to patients by professional wearers. After the patients learn about wearing and nursing knowledge, Home medical devices for self-use at home. The full name of “color contact lenses” is decorative color flat contact lenses, which are contact lenses developed on the basis of corneal contact lenses to decorate and change the color of the cornea.

Why do contact lenses have adverse events?

From the perspective of corneal anatomy, 80% of the oxygen required for normal corneal metabolism comes from the air, and the rest comes from the limbal vascular network and aqueous humor. However, the contact lens is attached to the surface of the cornea, which affects the oxygen supply and other metabolism of the corneal epithelium to varying degrees, and reduces the defense function of the eye. Under certain conditions, the corneal epithelium may be edema or fall off.

How To Choose The BEST Colored Contacts

Feliamo believes that choosing a cosmetic contact lens is like choosing a doctor and a hospital for medical beauty. When purchasing, we should first choose a business that has the qualifications to sell beauty contact lenses, and secondly, choose the parameters that are most comfortable for us to show our individual beauty and self-expression. Comfort parameters include diameter, radian, and water content. Material is the most important. Remember, safety is the most important.

What Color Contacts Should I Get?

Feliamo’s colored contact lenses are all international brands, and the big brands have a sound quality management system.It has successively obtained many international certifications such as TaiwanFDAGMP, ISO13485, ISO9001, JapanMHLW, USFDA, EuropeCE (93/42/EEC).You can buy with pleasure.

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